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Painslut Donna Denniere

Slavegirl Donna is a BD/SM switch who enjoys giving as much as taking when it comes to pain. In fact, she might indeed be more of a femdom than an actual pain slut.

The british S&M lifestyler still deserves a place on the faces of pain page though due to her marvellously expressionate handling of severe erotic torture. The collared painslave is hotwaxed all over her tits and front, letting go completely to the pain and screaming up in the air. A delightfull expression of pain from Donna Denniere

Japanese Painslut Michiko Japanese painslut Michiko is an amazingly hardcore slavegirl with a special preference for sharp and shiny needles piercing her beautifull oriental skin painfully. The asian BD/SM slave suffers a severe caning resulting in uncontrolled screaming in pain and intense needle piercing pain on her tits and pussy. Look at that face as the needle goes through her nipple - pure japanese pain... Japanese Painslut Michiko
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Slavegirl Gina Painsluts Tit Torment Slavegirl Gina is one of the purest pain sluts outthere. No challenge is too vicious and painful, no punishment is too severe. She lives to be given the adrenaline kick of extreme BD/SM torments and actively seeks her outer limits in a wide range of intense s/m sessions featuring everything from needle torture to severe humiliation and pain.
Look at those eyes on british pain slut Gina. She has passed the point of no return and is floating willingly at the hands of her tormentor as she is deep into subspace. First in an outdoor tit torment session where her big tits are painfully pegged...and secondly in an erotic torture session featuring her tits and nipples nailed to a table with painful play piercing needles. Subspaced slave Needle Torture

Latin painslut

Lesbian slavegirl Martina expresses her pain in such a cute way whilst her female mistress dominates, torments and humiliates her. It is evident that Martina loves the rough BDSM punishment her mistress subjects her too, yet the pain is painted all over her cute face.

The collared masochist is a bisexual slavegirl with a preference for female dominants, but still open to innovative BDSM adventures with any gender. She enjoys humiliation at least as much as the pure forms of pain

Tit Caning Big Tit Torture

Two british masochistic pain sluts on display in classic tit torture situations and with faces full of pain and agony. Slavegirl Emma has her tits caned and screams as the cane draws red stripes over her big breasts, tears are seen in her eyes and the submissives pretty face is distorted in agony.

Busty slave girl Ayla clearly flows with the pain from an intense tit torture session. Her big breasts are tied and suspended above, her mouth is gagged and heavy weights are hanging off metal clamps attached to Aylas tormented nipples. Aylas face clearly expresses the extreme pain inflicted upon her tits and nipples, but simultaniously she is far away in subspace.

Skinny Slavegirl Rosalita

Skinny slavegirl Rosalita displays a mixture of joyful pain and terrorized agony to the left as her nipples are pulled to the extreme by metal clamps on a chain. Lovely Slave - Golden Face of Pain from the submissive masochist Rosalita.

To the right we have the agonized faces of slavegirl Lene and masochistic pain slut Natalie, as they struggle through the punishments of metal clamps on pussy and breasts. For Natalie it was her first BD&SM session and her face of pain clearly shows how the pleasure and pain of the new experience are mixed into a pleasureable cocktail of agony

Crying Blonde Masochistic Pain Slut

Bizarre BDSM slavegirl Emma Louise is a pro fetishmodel, who has won the british adult awards (for bizarre act of the year of course) but at the time she is a devoted pain slut who can handle quite hard S&M sessions and not least extreme humiliation punishments. Emma Louise has taken several severe canings, endured degrading messy humiliation, petplay training and good old fashioned sado maso punishments. When you look at her face in pain you can see how the agony is mixed with pleasure, specially in the second picture, which is taken during an electro pain torture session of the cute english submissive.

Slavegirl Emma Louises faces of pain are just unique and so expressionate that you cant help but to be dragged in by the suffering so clearly painted on her face

Bizarre BDSM Slavegirl Emma Louise
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